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Community Connections @ South Shore

In addition to the ministries actively carried out at South Shore, we also host to several community organizations and activities.

Community Connections


South Shore is host to several Boy and Girl Scout troops. 

Boy Scouts

For more information:

Girls BSA - newly forming in 2021!

Girl Scouts

  • Troop 405

  • Troop 3304


NZone Sports League

N Zone Sports understands the priorities and responsibilities we have in shaping youth sports. We've combined the best elements and values sports teach, while eliminating the typical downfalls associated with most leagues to create the ultimate youth sports experience.


We provide a safe environment for kids to have fun playing the sport they love. We do it by making each season a memorable, life-shaping event for your child. After all, sports were created for fun and we'd have it no other way.

For more information about NZone, including registration, contact

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