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South Shore Showdown

South Shore Showdown

Football Pick’um Pool

The Southshore Youth Group is inviting you to join our Football Pick’um Pool called


Wwe are hosting this on a very easy to use CBS sports website and app.

What is a Football Pick’um Pool?

-It is, perhaps, the most traditional football pool where you pick which football teams you think will win each week. There is a $25 one-time donation to make these picks all season long.

Where does the money I donate go?

-ALL the proceeds of this pool goes to our own youth group at Southshore UMC!

What do I get if I win?

-The best part of this league is we ALL win! The Youth Group uses these funds to serve the youth dinner each week, give scholarships to youth events/mission trips throughout the year and support their own ministries they participate in.

-You get bragging rights that you are perhaps the smartest football prognosticator! We’ll update the leader board every week and will award a trophy to the big winner at the end of the season.

Do I pick NFL or College games?

-Both or either! Each week you will have a list of 14 College and NFL match-ups where you choose the winners of any 7 games you want.

What’s a ‘point spread’ and do I have to figure that out?

-The ‘point spread’ is where the favored team spots the underdog points to make things fair.

-In this Pick’um Pool, you don’t need to worry about that because the picks are ‘straight up’, if your pick wins the game, you win that selection and earn 1 point.

How will it work?

-Once you pay your $25 donation, you will be sent an email with a link that will guide you through registering your team. You can use your name or think of a fun screen name to use and even upload a picture. When you finish registering you will receive an email reminder every week with 14 NFL and College matchups and you choose only the 7 you think will win; there is also an app where you can make your picks. For every game you successfully pick you will receive 1 point which will be added to your total score. There will be a tie-breaker each week with the Monday Night matchup where you need to also guess the total combined score. The winner of this tie-breaker will determine the weekly winner for those who have the same amount of correct overall picks.

- This process will repeat itself every week up until the Super Bowl. As the amount of available games to pick decreases, more points will be awarded for each successful guess. After the Super Bowl, whoever has the highest overall score is the GRAND CHAMPION and will receive a trophy worthy of that honor!

How long do I have to decide?

-You can join right now or up to the beginning of the first game of the NFL season on Thursday, Sept 5.

For more information, connect with Jeff Cofer or the Church Office.

Get ready for the South Shore Showdown!

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