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South Shore Student Ministry is dedicated to seeking, teaching, and growing the generation of tomorrow in the church of today to develop a personal understanding of faith by the time they graduate. By having a personal faith in Jesus Christ students will graduate student ministry and continue to seek God in other avenues and ministries either here at South Shore or in college life. We strive to provide students with a place to belong in small groups and provide a place to grow through service and worship together.

Adolescence can be rough. It is the process by which an individual transitions from childhood into adulthood, and research tells us that this process is taking longer and getting harder with every new generation. It has never been as important as it is today for adults to live authentically before and pour selflessly into the next generation.

 Summer 2015 Messy Games

Summer 2015 Messy Games

The most important influence on any teenager is that of their parents and the second most is that of the adults who are consistently there for the student. For this very reason our adult small group leaders have committed to 3-4 years and more to stay in a specific grade level and faithfully mentor a small group of students through middle school, high school and, in most cases, beyond.

South Shore Student Ministry operates under 7 core checkpoints, which are; Authentic Faith, Spiritual Disciplines, Moral Boundaries, Healthy Friendships, Wise Choices, Ultimate Authority, and Others First. It is our hope that by the time a student graduates from high school these 7 checkpoints will be so imprinted on their hearts that every choice they make is in light of these values that we feel are of utmost importance for teenagers.