A recycling program to fund our Disaster Response Team

Disaster Response Team (DRT) is an inter-denominational ministry at Sun City Center United Methodist Church (SSCUMC), our sister church.    The active team, of around 30 plus members, work on community activities for churches, such as painting Grace UMC in Tampa, mowing, cutting trees, fence mending at TiAnViCa, a horse riding facility for troubled youths and disabled vets east of Bartow, and even putting together furniture, or organizing offices with shelving.  We also listen for “help calls” from the community.   All projects we work on are simple repairs not needing permits.  We will again this year participate in Care Feast, on September 26, 2015, a community outreach program where needy homeowner’s requiring minor home repairs, yard work and painting are helped when we facilitate meeting the need through in kind donations and volunteers.  Last year volunteers were able to do over 400 projects with 5,000 volunteers though out the Tampa Bay Region!  DRT made a donation of $1000.00 from our recycling project.  

When natural disasters do occur, we are badge early responders assisting in the rebuilding of a community while providing a Christian presence in the face of the disaster.  Pam Garrison from our district UMC office in Lakeland calls with different projects.  Many in this church have participated in mission projects up in south Florida, Tennessee, even Alabama after the F4 tornados or floods ravaged communities.  Many in this church have taken Community Arise which the district sponsors.  Presently, Sun City Center UMC funds mission trips (gas, food, and lodging) and purchasing necessary equipment and supplies thru donations and the collection of aluminum cans and scrap metal.  They also own a fully equipped equipment trailer which we use on our projects.  They have two recycle trailers on their church campus for recycling the cans and scrap. 

South Shore UMC now has a recycle aluminum can trailer so that we can begin to help pay our way and expand the ministry on our campus.  Presently, Anne Hasler, Stephanie, and Daryl Flatt are the only active members from our church.  You do not have to swing a hammer to join our mission team.  We need you to recycle aluminum cans.  We ask that you please wash them out and crush them, if you are able by stomping on them, BUT, you don’t have to crush them.  Just throw the empty cans in a trash bag, bring them to church, and throw them in the trailer located in the church parking lot near the dumpster.  We will do the rest.  We need prayer warriors to pray for our team.  Sometimes, we need food sent on extended stay trips.  It is an exciting mission field, and growing.  Information will be forth coming so watch for DRT updates as we grow this mission field.  Thank you in advance for helping us with this mission.