Scripture teaches us that there must be a connection between what we believe and how we live out those beliefs in the world.  We are called to make the love of Christ real to people by giving of ourselves and our resources.  We do this by sending people into the world to be the hands and feet of Jesus by feeding the hungry, healing the sick, sheltering the homeless, welcoming the stranger and helping God’s children everywhere (Matthew 25.35-40).

We realize that not everyone is able to serve in the same way or has the same amount of time available to serve. South Shore seeks to offer a variety of opportunities to be in mission or service that accommodate a variety of capabilities and/or schedules. The key is to be doing something that is significant for you at this very time and place in your life.  Take time to browse through some of our local as well as global opportunities to be in missions and service in the world.

Family Promise

South Shore UMC is an affiliate of Family Promise of Greater Brandon, a non-profit organization that seeks to end homelessness one family at a time.  Click here for more info: 

Backpacks on a Mission

Backpacks on a Mission addresses food insecurity for children in our neighborhood schools. Click here for more info:

Manna Bag Ministry

Manna Bags are a way to minister to folks in need of non-perishable foods as well as the Word and the love of God. Click here for a suggested recipe:

Cans For Christ

Cans For Christ is a recycling program to fund our Disaster Response Team (DRT). The DRT are early responders assisting in the rebuilding of a community while providing a Christian presence in the face of disaster. Click here to see how you can get involve