South Shore UMC (and those in the area):

My prayer is that you all made it through the storm unscathed. It appears that most of the Riverview community has suffered little to minor damage. If that is not the case, we first would like to share our empathy and offer our services. Please contact me vie email ( ) if there is any way we can be of assistance. We have already had people offering their services to help with cleanup if needed.

While our immediate community did not suffer major damage, there are surrounding areas that have. Reports are still coming in and when we know how we can help, we will pass that along to you. When last we were in church we spoke about the understanding of blessedness is not that we are blessed that we did not suffer damage, simply because that assumes that those who did suffer damage are not blessed. While we are thankful, the truth is that we are all blessed because God walks along side us in this storm. The truth is that those of us who have not suffered are in a position of opportunity to serve as answers to people's prayers. You see, when we pray that God will relieve the suffering of others, we are also praying that God show us how we are people who can be the relief. Live Thankfully, and respond with Love.

Therefore, take inventory of the needs and opportunities to be see and be God's salvation in action. Remember, we are a B.E.L.L.S. Community.

BLESS at least three people this week. (help clean up a yard, fill a flood bucket, help a neighbor)

EAT with at least three people this week (take time to have conversations with people, see how they are doing, have coffee or offer a meal)

LISTEN to Jesus. Take time this week to be still before God and see what he has to say to you, what he has to teach, and where he's sending you.

LEARN Jesus. Read about Jesus this week. Imitate what you learn.

SENT: We are a sent people. As we know Jesus, we go with Jesus. How are ways you have responded to his love this week and loved others?

One of the ways we have been seeking to bless is through the Flood Buckets and giving through UMCOR

Here is a link to the supply list.

We did have an online worship devotional via Facebook on Sunday. If you would like to view that please click here

With all things, Pray.


Pastor Cory Britt

Worship Services will resume this Sunday as normally scheduled. The Pot Luck Dinner has been postponed until Wed. Sept. 20th